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ICT4D Seminars - IP Management at UCT for the Centre in ICT4D

On August 2016, Dr. Andrew Bailey gave a talk titled 'IP Management at UCT for the Centre in ICT4D'. In attendance were researchers and postgraduate students from the ICT4D Centre and Information Systems Department from the University of Cape Town.

The talk abstract and Dr. Bailey's biography are below. In addition, a link to video footage of the talk is also provided.

ICT4D Seminars - Abalobi

At latst month's ICT4D Seminar, Dr. Serge Raemaekers from the department of Environment and Geographical Sciences at UCT had the pleasure of presenting on the Abalobi initiative. Abalobi means 'fisher' in isiXhosa, it is an open, transdisciplinary and social learning project, bringing together various stakeholders. The initiative aims at developing and providing a set of pratical tools to enable and empower the governence of small-scale fisheries by the community members themselves.

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