Transforming libraries with open digital technologies

IFLA Workshop on Digital Libraries: Research Methods and Tools

Some members from the Digital Libraries and Digital Participation groups---along with two Computer Science honours students affiliated with the Digital Libraries group---attended the 2015 IFLA IT Section pre-conference satellite meeting held between August 13 and 14 in Stellenbosch. Three parallel workshops were held on August 13 and the plenary session on August 14.

The 2015 satellite meeting focussed on how library transformation is facilitated by the development of open technologies, which in turn enables open access to information and knowledge structures.The synergy between the librarian and software developer was explored, together with the value proposition embedded in sustaining open source software solutions.

All the eight attendees gave talks in the well-attended "Digital Libraries: Research Methods and Tools" workshop. A/Prof. Marion Walton started off the workshop with her compelling talk on aggregating mobile literacies, where she highlighted a number of case studies. The students then gave talks on the research projects they are currently working on. Finally, A/Prof. Hussein Suleman concluded the workshop with his "Digital Libraries and Development" talk by giving a summary on how all the different student projects fit into the broader objective of the Digital Libraries group.

The plenary session, on August 14, saw a range of talks that were all tied to the main conference theme---"Dynamic Libraries: Access, Development and Transformation".

Workshop Presentations​