ICT4D Workshop on Learning from Failure

The Centre for ICT4D hosted a day-long ICT4D Workshop on 'Learning from Failure' on January 20 2015. The workshop was co-organised by a team of researcher from Swansea University, and was primarily aimed at reflecting and exploring experiences of learning from failure in ICT4D projects. A number of individuals attended the work, the majority of whom were local South African ICT4D researchers.

Failure can reveal our blind spots, and make us aware of our inability to listen or observe carefully before diving in with a 'solution'. Failure can also show leadership, innovation and risk-taking and is often a great starting point for a conversation. There is great value in examining our mistakes together. The workshop was a great opportunity to gather as an ICT4D community and to learn from each other's experiences.

The main workshop, held in the morning, was a series of talks on ICT4D case studies. The later part of the workshop comprised on breakout discussions and a town hall meeting.

Workshop Presentations

  1. Keynote - Beyond failure: owning your story (Ineke Buskens - Gender Research in Africa and the Middle East into ICTs for Empowerment)
  2. Case study - Finding Problems that fit our Solutions (Ulrike Rivett - University of Cape Town)
  3. Case study - I failure good. Real good. and I'm ok with that (Bill Tucker - University of the Western Cape)
  4. Case study - Working with Local Communities with Failure as a Purpose (Matt Jones - Swansea University)
  5. Case study - Telecentres research (Peter Benjamin - mHelp)