ICT4D Seminars - Digital Participation


On 26 August 2016, Associate Professor Marion Walton’s and her two students gave presentations on Digital Participation projects. In attendance were researchers and postgraduate students from the ICT4D Centre, Information Systems Department and Centre for Film and Media Studies from University of Cape Town.

The talk abstract and Associate Professor Marion Walton’s biography are below. In addition, a link to video footage of the presentation is also provided.

The presentation covered aspects of Digital Participation research projects by Associate Professor Marion Walton, her collaborations and community groups she collaborate with including Ikamva Youth. The second and third speakers covered their own individual digital participation projects; presentation of self among young people in Sexting and Emoji Design with Ikamva Youth learners, respectively.

Associate Professor Marion Walton’s biography

Associate Professor Marion Walton’s research focuses on developing methods, theories and ethical approaches to the study of young people’s use of digital and mobile media. She has published widely about the development of digital and mobile media in South Africa, with a particular focus on young people’s identities, literacies, semiotic creativity, and their political and social agency. She has ten years of experience in working on interdisciplinary software development projects, particularly in ICT for Development and computer gaming. Her goal is to study existing technology and media practices and to contribute to design thinking which is empathetic to context, particularly to the experiences of socially marginalised young people. 

Video Footage Link: http://bit.ly/2cqHNIR