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Anja Venter
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PhD Student
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Anja Venter is a visual artist, designer and media studies scholar. She studied her graduate and honours degrees in Visual Communications at Stellenbosch University, and obtained her Masters degree in Media Studies (specialising in mobile technology and ethnographic digital games research)at the University of Cape Town. She is currently pursuing a doctorate in Media Studies, looking at how young creatives from resource-constrained background are using different technologies in creative participation.

2015        AoIR Student travel grant for Internet Researchers 16 conference to be held in Phoenix, Arizona.
2015        First Place for VR game “S.A.D cat”, Shayla Games Virtual Reality Game Jam, Copenhagen. Member of Team “Is this a Horse?”
2015        COIMBRA Scholarship Programme for Young African Researchers. 2 month research stay at Aarhus University Centre for Participatory IT. Under supervision of Prof Kim Halskov.
2015        Sir Robert Kotze Grant. International Travel. University of Cape Town
2015        Microsoft Research Grant. PhD funding, centre in ICT4D, UCT.
2014        Nokia Research Grant. PhD funding. Nokia Research lablet, centre in ICT4D, UCT.
2013        Nokia Research Grant. PhD funding. Nokia Research lablet, centre in ICT4D, UCT.
2012        Pendoring Award: Silver. Internet/mobile/interactive communication. Van Coke Kartel Wie’s Bang. Dojo115.
2012        Loerie Award: Craft Certificate. Internet, Mobile & Interactive Communication: Digital Crafts – Illustration & Graphic Design. Van Coke Kartel Wie’s Bang. Dojo115  
2012        The South Africa Netherlands research Programme on Alternatives in Development (SANPAD) Research Scholarship
2011        The South Africa Netherlands research Programme on Alternatives in Development (SANPAD) Research Scholarship
2011        Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation Research Grant for Global Impact Project
2008        Design Indaba Emerging Creative, Cape Town (www.designindaba.com)
2007        Timo Smuts Official Selection, Stellenbosch
2006        Media24 Illustration Award, Cape Town

Research Project / Interests: 

Hacking Design: mobile ecologies and creative participation



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Venter, Anja (2015, July) “Having a Game Jam? Invite Everyone.” A MAZE. Magazine, “Black”, Berlin, Germany. pp 8 - 9


  • Venter, A (2015). “Between Comics and Design”. Open Books Comic Festival, Cape Town, South Africa. 12 September 2015.
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