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Fiona Ssozi
Academic Role: 
PhD Student
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Fiona holds a masters degree in Information Systems from London South Bank University (UK) and a Bachelors degree in Computer Science from Makerere University (Uganda).  She is a lecturer in the College of Computing and Information Sciences at Makerere University in Uganda. Her research interests involve working with underserved communities to develop appropriate ICT tools through co-design, requirements engineering and Information Systems design.

Awards: Schlumberger Foundation (Faculty for the Future Fellowship) 2015/2016; 2016/2017

Research Project / Interests: 

Fiona's PhD research focuses on co-designing appropriate ICT tools to support rural communities in the management of their water supplies under the Community based (water) management model. This research seeks to empower communities to participate in the design and development of ICT tools that meet their needs, allowing them to own and encourage continued use of the ICT interventions. This research is being conducted under the supervision of Prof. Edwin Blake and Assoc. Prof. Ulrike Rivett.

Thesis Title: Improving Community Engagement in the Development of Appropriate Technologies for Rural Water Management

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