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Bhavana Harrilal
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Masters Student
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Bhavana Harrilal is a Computer Science Masters student at the University of Cape Town. Her research falls under ICTs for developing contexts and communities. She has obtained a BSc. in Computer science in 2012 and after completing her honours in Computer Science in 2013 supervised by the late Professor Gary Marsden and co-supervised by Dr Marion Walton was inspired to do her Masters in the ICT4D context. Her Masters is currently supervised by Professor Edwin Blake.

Research Project / Interests: 

Her Master’s topic is "A Mobile Music Application to Assist Hip-Hop Artists". Her research is conducted with Hip-Hop artists based in Grahamstown in designing smartphone apps to support their music production and recording processes. She works collaboratively with fellow Nokia Lablet PhD student Alette Schoon in studying the Grahamstown based hip-hop artists digital artistic practices.

There are many challenges faced by these artists in particular when recording and producing their music. Two of these limitations are recording resources and internet access. Developing hip-hop communities find ways of overcoming these obstacles by using humble bedroom recording studios and working collaboratively with peers. This results in a small portion of the community being able to record and produce music while the majority is left with limited if any resources to create music. Using co-design practices, Bhavana has built recording and beatmaking mobile apps which allow artists to share their music with each other.  These tools aim to aid artists in collaborating and creating music while empowering artists of limited resources to expand their music knowledge and digital practices.

Bhavana has completed her field studies and experiments based in Grahamstown. She is currently writing for conferences in 2016 and completing her thesis.

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