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Edwin Blake
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Edwin Blake is a professor in Computer Science at UCT. His work focuses on the relations of people to computers in the context of a developing country. His schooling and undergraduate education was obtained in South Africa. He read for a PhD in Computer Science at Queen Mary College, London University. He was subsequently senior researcher in the Department of Interactive Systems at the Centre for Mathematics and Computer Science (CWI) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. 

Research Project / Interests: 

His main research focus has been on Information and Communications Technology for Development. He also works on User Experience as applied to Games and Virtual Environments. His research outputs range from reflections on policy issues to methods for Community-Based Co-Design. His current interests focus more on methods and ethics in the field. 

The method of community-based co-design is built on a foundation of action research applied to participatory design. This methodology is a way of exploring a design space in a way that alleviates the restrictions of the designer’s own viewpoint and bias. In a cyclical fashion the designers develop according to their skills and learning and according to the users’ expressed requirements and their learning. The researchers and the users end up being the design team.


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