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Sean Packham
Academic Role: 
Masters Student
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Sean completed his undergrad and honours in Computer Science at UCT in 2008. He specialised in Games, AI and Simulation and also showed interest in ICT4D. After honours, Sean worked for numerous mobile and web startups in senior and lead roles. 5 years later he decided to return to UCT and do a ICT4D focused Computer Science Msc. He is currently a 1st year Msc student being supervised by Professor Hussein Suleman. Sean is also a guest lecturer for CSC2003S (2nd year games) and CSC3020H (3rd year games) and Teaching Assistant for CSC2003S. Sean is interested in game development, heritage, conservation and archives.

Research Project / Interests: 

Crowdsourcing the gathering of African language resources

isiXhosa Information Retrieval
Digital Libraries