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Josiah Chavula
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I am a Lecturer in the Computer Science Department of theUniversity of Cape Town (UCT). I am also a member of UCT’s ICT4D Center, collaborating particularly within the Net4D research group. I obtained a PhD in Computer Science from the University of Cape Town (2017), an MSc in Networking and Internet Systems from Lancaster University, England (2011), and a BSc in Computer Science and Physics from the University of Malawi (2005). Prior to taking up an academic position at UCT, I worked as a Senior Research Engineer at the African Network Information Center (AFRINIC), the Regional Registry for Internet Number Resources serving the African Internet Community. My responsibilities at AFRINIC included  carrying out research on performance and development of the Internet in Africa.

Research Project / Interests: 

Internet Measurements and Performance Engineering

My research focuses on performance of Internet systems in low-resource contexts, with emphasis on (1) user-centric performance measurements (including QoS/QoE studies); (2) Performance enhancement in low-resource networks;  (3) Internet universality in Africa and other developing regions, particularly with respect to Access and various forms of  Internet traffic manipulation and censorship; (4) design of logical typologies for high performance, particularly in Research and Education Networks, as well as in Community Networks (including studying the impact of interconnection/routing strategies and middle-boxes on end-to-end performance); (5)  network performance engineering using Software Defined Networking (SDN). 

Broad research questions to be tackled include, firstly, on how best to orchestrate measurements for localized studies in low-resource areas, were there is also limited number of measurement probes ( such that there is need to combine data from different types measurement probes). Secondly, we explore how network measurements data can be used to improved network typologies. In this regard,  we explore mechanisms for real-time analysis of network metrics in concert with SDN controllers in order to orchestrate traffic engineering. A third aspect of the research looks at how to improve visualization of Internet Measurements data so as to more readily inform the discourse on digital inequalities and policy formulation.

Current projects include 'User-Centric Network Measurements in Low Resource Networks', 'Contextual/Geographical Visualization of Internet Measurements', 'SDN-based Multipath Traffic Engineering', and 'Measurements and Performance Engineering in Pan-African NRENs'. More details of these projects are available on my website https://josiahchavula.com/research-projects/. 

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