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Lighton Phiri
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PhD Student
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I was a PhD student in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Cape Town. I worked under the supervision of A/Prof. Hussein Suleman and Prof. Dr. Christoph Meinel. My doctoral thesis explored streamlined technology-driven orchestration. The thesis objective was to better understand the impact of organised orchestration on educators' effectiveness within formal learning spaces. The thesis proposes a streamlined approach to technology-driven orchestration of learning by focusing on three core aspects of orchestration: activity management, resource management and sequencing of activities. Proof-of-concept toolkits were implemented, based on the proposed approach and, empirical evidence gathered indicates and suggests the efficacy of the proposed approach. In addition, case studies conducted in authentic educational settings demonstrate the applicability of the approach.

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Streamlined Technology-driven Orchestration: Investigating the Impact of Organised Orchestration on Teaching

Supporting educators in formal learning environments is considered one of the most effective way of improving the quality of education. While this support might take various forms, facilitating the orchestration of learning activities, using technology, is a potentially viable technique. However, the muti-faceted nature of technology-driven orchestration is known to be challenging. Coupled with this is the ad hoc nature of technology-driven orchestration. This research is aimed at investigating technology-driven orchestration, in order to understand the impact of organised orchestration on teaching. It is premised that streamlined technology-driven orchestration can be attained through the explicit organisation of learning activities using an orchestration workbench, potentially making educators more effective.

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