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Magdeline Lamola
Academic Role: 
Masters Student
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I'm a Masters student at CSIR enrolled to UCT  tackling Computer Networks at the ICT4D Lab. Currently in the Networks and Media  group, working with "NET4D" team to research all the possible ways to improve and enhance the network in our country.

Research Project / Interests: 

Basically my research looks at ways we can secure the network, particularly the TVWS network and bringing forth different ways of how intrusions occur and how to resolve those intrusion issues. Given the fact that the idea of TVWS (TV white spaces) used as a medium of internet has sparked interests to a lot of researchers, it is still relatively new and there a lot of new technologies that go into building it. With TVWS networks we opportunistically share the channel among licensed and unlicensed users without interference, so as such it’s assumed there is a smooth flow of data and both users can co-exist in the same without any interference and that’s where my paper comes into play. We look at security concerns anomalous concerns and misuse of the shared media and come up with solutions to those concerns. As the scope of my paper narrows down, my main focus would be DoS attacks in TVWS networks, where a malicious user can intercept the communication between the primary user (licensed user) and the database.    


Satnac Paper (2016)

Telecommunications for Development