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Ngonidzashe Choga
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Masters Student
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My name is Ngonidzashe Choga, I’m a first year masters student from Zimbabwe. I did my undergrad degree in computer science and information systems and my honours in Computer Science both at the university of Cape Town.

Research Project / Interests: 

Project: SCAN projectReseach focus: Visualisations and Attrition.As a part of the Scan project, my focus is on visualisations and attrition of participants in ICT4D projects. SCAN is a project that works with farmers and women in rural Kenya. I will be working with the farmers in particular. For a while now, "recipients/participants" in ICT4D projects have been complaining about researcher coming into their communities, collecting data and leaving, never to be heard from again. I am aiming to change this by providing farmers with visualisations of the data they give us. Furthermore my research will investigate whether this visual feedback may be used as a form of compensation or as a tool to reduce attrition in ICT4D projects.