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Maryam Meshari Almukhaylid
Academic Role: 
Masters Student
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I am currently a master student in computer science at UCT, working with Dr. Hussein Suleman and a member of digital libraries group. A teacher assistant in the educational technology department at King Faisal University in Saudi Arabia. I am a self-regulated learner and fast achiever. I am passionate about my career , aiming always to find an effective way to use technology to improve education and keen on the continuing personal and professional development of myself to gain 21st-century skills. I enjoy teaching, helping, being busy.

Research Project / Interests: 

My project seeks to contribute to the field of learning management systems (LMSes) development. In particular, to advance the adoption of LMSes by exploring the incorporation of socially-motivated discussion forum models. The study will compare different discussion forums that are based on social media.

Digital Libraries